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  1. hi all, its been a while since i last posted on here i have been so busy, i even moved to New Zealand in that time!!! i have a question, i have been researching for a long time on how to accomplish this but i always hit a brick wall. here is my problem. im trying to do something very simple, i want to turn a motor (servo/dc etc) with a multi turn input device like a multi turn pot or an encoder, if i move the controller 234.5 degrees clockwise, i want the motor to folow my movement and stop when i stop. i looked into this, and what i found was PID controll, but most of the controllers were hooked up to pc's, i want to build a standalone device that does almost exactly what a r/c servo and a contoller does except instead of 90 degrees of movememt i want 1800 degrees. ive looked into having ten turn pots sitting on the shaft o fthe motor producing feed back or using opt encoder (to bulky) best would be the hall sensor!? please help thanks simon
  2. thanks htg, the nf, pf, and uf i figured out (wikipedia is great) but now im guessing again the voltage of the caps depends on the requirement of max voltage of the circuit, ie: 240v a/c requires higher caps and a small 6vdc circuit using a 50v cap. why was the previouse posts deleted? my email is [email protected] i would love the pcb123 file i downloaded the programme, thanks htg, i dont mind my email on here as its on my profile publicly displayed. simon
  3. hey herman i have some rather silly questions about components that i only recent discovered i lacked knowledge of. capacitors, when it comes to voltage ie: 220n is it a 200v or a 50v? and what determines the voltage within a circuit? also the variation of farads in the circuit you helped me with are of very different voltages this also is difficult for me to work out, i looked on the web for answers so that imi not being dumb, i guess i just needed to ask as im not sure what caps to get. thanks HTG i hate to ask these childish questions, but they have to be asked sometimes :) simon
  4. hey what happened to the posts by herman?? why have they been deleted? am i going a bit mad? :-\ simon
  5. hi is there a way to build a trigger for leds that i can program the delay of the led with pots, like miliseconds. when i trigger the led to turn on i want to control the delay at which the led flashes, in microsecond intervals. simon
  6. Hello this is my first post so please be gentle. Im looking to build a multivibrator circuit that pulses a light at 0.08sec intervals 3 times, at which point i want the light to stop pulsing untill the button is pushed again essentially reset the circuit. Im figuring that i could use a pulse counter to detect the fast pulses and on the 3rd pulse turn off the multivibrator circuit untill the switch on the vibrator circuit is pushed again. Basically im trying to flash super bright leds in a muzzle flash simulator for a theatrical effect. i want to use a selector switch (3 settings) semi/3 shot burst/full auto the semi will just be the switch hard wired to the led, pull trigger and led flashes, the selector switch on 3 shot burst is the tricky bit!! and the full auto i have figured out. the 0.08 sec is quite important to get right between flashes and the "3 shot burst" is also just as important. Is there a way to make a pulse circuit that i can get each pulse .08 sec apart? could i use a 555 with a small resistor and cap?? any ideas?? im new to electronics, i understand the basics and i know what components do etc thanks simon
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