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  1. Good day, I have 2 unit of transformer rated: 1) Input 230VAC 50Hz and output 60V 40Amp (60V 0V 60V) 2) Input 230VAC 50Hz and output 12V 45Amp (12V 12V) I want to make both of them into a regulated power supply: The first is to power a few servo drive and servo motor, the drive is rated 75V max and the servo motor is rated 60V max at 4A max. There are total of 7 drive and servo motor for my CNC project. The second is for supplying power to battery charger. The charger input rating is 11V to 27V, I'm charging to 8.4Vmax @ 6A, I'll use it to power up to 6 charger. Please let me know the value of rectifier, capacitor, bleed resistor, and regulator to use for above transformer. Where can I find formula for it and wiring diagram to connect it up? Thanks
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