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  1. yes hero is right. may be i m lazy so i want to have totally finished circuit:). can i ask you that do professional driver producers use transformers in driver circuits? forexample is there any transformers in that product. http://www.em.avnet.com/ctf_shared/sta/df2df2usa/LightSpeed-319-0006.pdf how can i find like these products inside?i mean circuit shematic diagram.
  2. But power leds' dinamical resistance are changes by time. if they work much time so their resistance rise. your suggesment s nice but wall wrick power supplies have constant voltage. They have not current feedback. i need constant current feed back power supply.Can you suggest me like this circuits' shamatics? it must be small size. can you look this link?i need a circuit which has AC input. http://www.em.avnet.com/ctf_shared/sta/df2df2usa/LightSpeed-319-0006.pdf
  3. can i ask you a questions? how can be produced small size power supply? i need small size power led driver circuit as DX-04350V and DX-MU38-5 like these models in link which is given below. http://www.diox.com.tr/led_suruculeri_01.asp if anyone helps me so i will be so glad. Anyone has circuit diagrams for like these product? Thanks for your kindness
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