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  1. ok firest of all u need intrface program to convert data (image - media - whatever) to HEX and push it LPT port which is can offer 8 bit of bandwidth then u need to convert this parallel data to serial and then start modulate it ------------- on recever firest step u will Demodulate the signal and convert information to 4 bit parallel out (because LPT 1 have only 4 bit as input to pc) and read this input by your interface program and convert it from HEX to oreginal data form look man you don't need any DAC or ADC -------------- I have a complete this project as hardware :) and it's really big and take alnog time and right now am working in interface program by using C# --------------
  2. u wanna use parallel port to receve or send data ? ((wireless microphne)) !! Take my advice if you just wont to send or receive sound signal leave parallel port away and stick with sound card interface ( audio input and output) your prother Eng MHD Alamin
  3. hello Mr.shaiqbashir am sudanese and
  4. hello friend iwould like to agive u little help this circuit digram ihave it for along time but i never try to assmbly it becasue in my country there is no shop for electronic kits :'( but u may have agood chance here is digram sorry my english is so bad :-\
  5. cooool AM-TRANSMETERhttp://dragon005.jeeran.com/welcome_page.html
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