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  1. circuit is given.....problem is designing the circuit to given : Av1=2, Av2=2 Given data is; RL=10K (RL=RE+RF) fL=500hz hie=4.5K hfe=240 VCEQ1=VCEQ2=5V ICQ=2mA For any other data, parameters of BC147A can be used. Requirement To calc. the resistor and capacitor values to get reqd. gain. (Av=Av1*Av2) VCC has to be taken apropriately. (Frequency generator source resistance is 50ohms)
  2. isnt it possible to use the base-collector diode as well. how does that work? also, in case of the base emitter diode, how do the negative charge carriers of collector take part in current flow. ???
  3. i need to know how to use 'transistor as a diode'......and its applications. i know of transistor as a switch, but as diode.....dos'nt make sense, unless its the same thing! the problem is, someone else has been asked to speak on 'transistor as switch'! seminar's in 10 hours ! HELP PLEASE!! :o :'(
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