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    thanks hero999.....
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    I confuse with that component (2N3906) related to the pin connection. Some of the datasheets shows that the pin is C-B-E while others shows E-B-C...i don't know how to recognize and match it to the available datasheet because my component doesn't have symbol or brand on it. can someone help me please? thanks....
  3. about the 1st question, here i edited because of typing error. 1. if i want the output current higher than 0.5A (let say 1A), do i need to change the transformer rating from 0.5A to 1.0A? because i use motor (aquarium water pump) as load at the output inverter and the rating is 240V and 35W. base on my calculation, the current is 0.145A. what i know is the motor need inrush current to start operate. so, the total current is 0.145x7=1.02A. that why i need to increase the current up to 1A. or there is another way to increase the current? thanks....
  4. i have one question related to my circuit that i attached... >>here some details about the circuit: This is AC circuit mini inverter 10W - 30W. It Converts 12VDC to 220VAC Output 10W to 30W . Use easy Circuit Square Wave Oscillator Generator 50Hz. So Boost up Current High by D313 or H1061 or TIP41, Drive Transformer output 220V 50HZ From Voltage Supply 12V 1A - 2A. my friend already succeed developed the circuit by using 12V/240V 0.5A transformer. the question is: 1. if want the output current higher than 0.5A (let say 1A), do i need to change the transformer rating from 0.5A to 1A? 2. the details of the circuit say that input voltage and current is 12V and 1-2A, but they are using 0.5A of fuse...i seem not understand how this happen because what i know the fuse is going to blow immediately by the effect of over the fuse rating .. or i misunderstood here? thanks...
  5. the circuit maybe meet my demand...but, i need some time to show it to my supervisor lecturer first to verify that the circuit can be use in my project. As you know, my project kind of complex (maybe for me only :() so i need to plan first... by the way, thanks...if any, i will tell you...
  6. i need to build soil moisturizer level detector to complete my study project... the supply required is 12Vdc for this circuit. the function of the circuit is to detect the moisturizer of the soil... when the soil is dry, the signal (power supply) will give to the water pump to supply water to the soil... below is the my whole project block diagram: PV cell (12V solar panel) - charge controller (12Vdc) - rechargeable battery (12Vdc, 10A @ 20A) - soil moisturizer level detector (12Vdc) - inverter (12Vdc to 240Vac) - water pump (240Vac) please and hopefully someone will help me..i really appreciate it...thank you very much... you also can reach me at: true_odyssey@yahoo.com
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