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  1. Where i can find shcematic for LCD Inverter of IBM thinkpad r50e...or schematic of inputs for that inverter...thanks :D
  2. Need help to find schematic for this amp...thx ;D
  3. I know that is this low cost amp. I didn't buy it, some person give to me to repair, and i do it,but only half, I didn't repair 2.ch because is very damaged. :) There is picture :)
  4. The basic circuit is sample and hold circuits,the simple sample and hold circuit is this:
  5. Well this is how i create the circuit in blocks....comparator compare two sin wave voltage, when output is 0, the comparator activate digital circuit to activate pump capacitor on the level of voltage from one voltage sources. Then the output is equal cross voltage....this is short explanation
  6. Yes it is the same amplifier, a lot thanks on help! ;D
  7. Yes it's great,i have been search on manufacture website but i can't find this product...i was repair the dc-dc circuit but i cannot repair one ch because the output is burn out, board is damaged and i need schematic for create new outputs. Thanks to help ;D
  8. Tanks to sugestion...there is final circuit:
  9. Thanks anyway, i have been repair amplifier without schematic.
  10. Phase is variable,amplitude is constant. Circuit need detect cross two sine wave and show that value of voltage.
  11. I need help to solve this problem, i need create circuit to detect cross 2 sine wave voltage. Any sugestion is welcome!
  12. That is 2x120w mosfet car amplifier. Web page of manufactor is http:// www.profileusa.com
  13. Where i can find schematic for this amplifier? ??? ??? thx p.s. audioguru please help :)
  14. >It appears that you operate at low frequencies? yes, the range of frequencies is 30-100Hz
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