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  1. Good Day Bro just specify and give the full details of your TV... did you check all parts in location of LOPT or in power supply location?
  2. Good Day Bro... please give the full details about your TV problem? what is the problem of your TV? is this a No video input? well" try this to make you help.... ok just check you out the Switching IC video/tv switching. this is first bro
  3. don't worri Bro that is not burning. do it...
  4. That simple Bro just make it power supply.. buy the the transformer multivolt make your converter power supply to light your 10v bulb and to solve your problem...
  5. Bro what kind of control system? need complete details we may analys that...
  6. Hey Bro here is the for your Sony TV... ok just check you out the vertical IC touch it if it's hot replace it... hope is this help
  7. old model your sony or branded? whats do you find manual or daigram? just tell me the trouble then i teach you
  8. hey where the location of your prats smoke? power supply? i give tips technical...
  9. ccheck you out the output of your ATX power supply if this is corect voltage from all output voltage indicate to name tag... when this high voltage from normal it can be damage your mainboard.. about surge supresor. surge supresor is pico farad the value is 2kv. try to check that...
  10. try to replace regulator IC from primary... if you see the regulator 8pins small IC that is regulator... check it out
  11. try to check op-amp ic to the reciever TX and check your phone
  12. Hey Bro. is that a simple problem... if you know the configuration setting of your mainboard... reset it. how? find the CTRL jumper full-out the jumper turn to other pins 1&2 now turn on the cpu... after you do that off your cpa and turn back to normal jumper and turn on again. when its nothing happend possibly defect your Procesor try it to swap the good nor test the good one ok...
  13. Hey just simple tips for your fax machine... just reset to the configuration settings you done... after you reset all turn off and on again... just first you do...
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