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  1. Thanks redwire, i'm learning to work with eagle, sorry my mistakes ??? I used the Ratsnest button like you said, and created this solid ground and i think its more logical! PS-6_Original1.pdf
  2. Hi redwire, good afternoon, i will make your pcb and i have some questions about down traces, on left side of pcb. The trace descontinued should be continuos? And they be intesect D1 of bridge, right? And R7 are conected to C1 ground, right? I make this changes, please, can you tell me if i right? Regards PS-6_Changed.rar
  3. Hello redwire, thanks a lot for this!! I'm looking for this a long time ago ;D In really, this is not easy to make on home, i think... hehe I will try 8)
  4. Hi dear redwire, i'm looking for last version pcb design but i can't find them, i just have the original pcb design. Have you the last one or a modified version pcb design? Regards
  5. Hello Audioguru, so its bether i make the last version ;D Have you the last version converted to PCB diagram for print? Regards, Andr
  6. Hello everyone. I saw all posts, but my english is poor, so if i will be repetitive, i'm so sorry in advance. I would like to make this PS and i have the pcb for old version maked yet and all components, and found now this discussion about "problems" of original version. I understood, one of the problems are some components like 2N2219 over-heats, but i just need 24v and 2,5A max, so i have one transformer of 24V - 3A. This is critical for this values? I can change too: R1 = 2,2 KOhm 2W R2 = 82 Ohm 2W R7 = 0,47 Ohm 10W For dissipate more heat and dont burn. So only with this changes i can make
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