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  1. Thanks anyway, I found one one on-line and cheaper too! Anyway, I
  2. Please excuse the interruption. Now back to what
  3. Hero999, please excuse me, we
  4. I do apologize! My comments were evidently taken the wrong way! I should have realized that someone so obviously more knowledgeable than I would have already tried to do what I
  5. No, it's not a secret. It's for some hydrogen projects, hence the PWM. I want to change polarity of electrodes at frequency and study effect if any. The range from ?Hz to 15MHz is for experimentation purposes. As I did the drawings something kept eluding me, something I'm missing. The PWM pulses current and dictates duty cycle or gate. The Polarity Switch will change polarity at frequency which I'm sure will effect power consumption but also create other unknown effects. So...I don't know if I'm trying this the hard way or not. That's why I'm here. Thanks
  6. No no, you misunderstand, I can get a PWM which will pulse currant at frequency. I want to change polarity at frequency also along with PWM. If I could get components exactly like the picture above, of course with different frequency parameters, but with digital display, that would be great! Also thanks for that link, that's neat stuff but not exactly what I need. Thanks
  7. Ok, 15 MHz is just a number I was using for more range. I have seen PWM
  8. Thanks for your response. Eight years old, OMG! As far as experience, as I said, I don
  9. Yes, it may be easy for you; unfortunately it's not for me. I am trying to reverse polarity with frequency adjustment. I don't even know if this can be done or what is evolved but check the attached picture for reference. The frequency range may not be achievable, again I don't know? Thanks ???
  10. ???Hi All, First, I am not at all knowledgeable about electronics, I don
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