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  1. audioguru, but anyway I need the current limit.
  2. For mod. version I'll buy another transformer. (for another project) Original version I need for two channel power supply. In that project I don't need really 3ADC output. That is the reason for low power transformer. And that transformers I already got it.
  3. Two 2200uF/50V in parallel connection is okay? The transformer is that; http://www.neuhold-elektronik.at/catshop/product_info.php?cPath=131&products_id=3372 I have the same wish as corsa, can anyone post the last mod. design PCB?
  4. Thanks for that anwser. How I can connect the potentiometers for regulate voltage with two potentiometets (one for fine regulate, one for sharp). Is the schematic below okay?
  5. I have 60VA transformator (230 / 22VAC - 2,8A). Is that enough for original regulated power supply ( here )? How many ampers fuse I need for that transoformator on primar side? Thanks.
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