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  1. Ah well.... that solves that then lol.
  2. The reason I want to avoid using a transformer is that from what I
  3. WOW!!! Glad you was here, I would have built that and got a huge bang. :o Is there any other simple inverter schematics ( As simple the one that wont work ) that I can build? The output power doesn't need to be that high maybe 50 Watts @ 120V. I have an idea for an inverter that doesn't have a transformer, it uses a bunch of capacitors to increase the voltage ( DC Voltage multiplier ) up to 120V and have 3 or 4 running in parallel to allow me to get a higher current, then use 4 transistor and a microcontroller to allow me to go from DC to AC @ xxhz ( Or some other way of going from DC to AC ). Only down site it will be a square ware rather that a sign wave so its use is limited.... It
  4. Oh... well im new and thought the site would be a good conversation starter. About that inverter though, i was going to build that, in what was is it defective? will it not give you 120V?
  5. Hey guys tell me what u think of this site ( http://www.project-world.co.cc ) I found it when looking for schematics and really like it. Anyone know any better sites? anyone like this site?
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