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  1. Kinda sad that you have nothing better to do than take the piss, I was browsing this site and having seen someone I thought I could help with getting cheap PCB's made I joined to answer there question. If the mentality of the members on here is to simply take the piss out of someone, i'll not bother to try help in th future.
  2. Hi Alex, I thought he was based in Grease, maybe he is based in germany, the person who gave me his details lives in Grease so maybe thats why I assumed he was also in grease. I was going to attempt to make my own, I am building a Motion Simulator that can be used with Flight Sims and Car racing Sims, I posted questions about how to make my own on the Motion sim forum site I am a member of, Someone on there gave me his details. When i emailed him what i wanted his English was really bad and the quote was actually in german, i used this site to translate it, http://translation2.paralink.com The 2nd, 3rd and 4th order i used that site to translate it from english to german, then when he emailed me the quote i used it to translate it from german to english. Just a little tip for anyone who orders from him. As I said, i have have 4 orders from him now, and they are really good quality, if you want holes drilled make sure you tell him that. I can take some pics of the boards he made me if someone can tell me how i can put them on here. Regards Tony.
  3. hi, i have just joined and noticed you are having the same problem i had, eventually i found a guy in grease and im very pleased with the boards he made me. I had 4 different Boards made including holes drilled & it cost me
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