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  1. I have one computer monitor (Qmonitor 17') that every time i turn it on break one diode 'HER206' near in the high voltage supply. It is obvious that every time i change the diode. If somebody know something about that answer in this topic. I search in the other topic of the forum and i didn't find anything.
  2. We must have crazy ideas to do that. And we must think everything to do with electronic way. Life more easy. continue
  3. I am new in this forum. I 've just finish the university and i start to work with electronics practical. I see many difference from theory and the practice now. And now in my subject. I want to make one cable to connect my hard disk to any usb drive. I have find many in the shops but i want to construct one. I ask for your help. If somebody know something please send me e-mail or answer in this article. Thanks you very much.
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