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  1. sales: leon xiao email: [email protected] We are a distinguished PCB manufacturer in shenzhen,China. There shoud be some common interests between us. We can provide rigid (1~30layers), flex (1~6layers) and rigid-flex circuits (1~6layers),from prototypes to volume production. Meanwhile,We offer small to middle volume PCB Assembly services Our prices are the lowest in 4-12Layer Rigid PCBs based on middle-large volume quantities,1-6L Flex and rigid-flex PCB base on small to large volume. We also excel in HDI, High Tg,blind/buried Vias, Thick Copper/Gold ,Aluminium based PCBs. Lead time 5-14days, Small quantities is allowed (no MOQ), Setup cost and e-test charges is cheap, 50-100USD for 1-4L,100-200USD for 4-8L,free setup charges if they are samples run or Mass volume production. We are ISO9001:2000,TS16949,ISO14000,UL approved manufacturer. LEON XIAO(Mr.) Oversea Sales Rep. AUSPI ENTERPRISES CO., LIMITED Professional Supplier of Printed Circuits(C-UL-US File No. E301415) A1101 South tower I, Tian
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