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  1. thanks for your reply I have simulated again and I m geting 36V on output ,but I m not able to regulate the voltage at all.
  2. Thank you for your help,have changed transormer conection and capacitor value, Is there any think else you can see wrong in my circuit, thanks maciej
  3. Thank you audioguru for your coments on the circuit. Its only looks like the transformer is short-circuited with 0V Below I attach beter picture of the ciuruit (its in 2 picutres actualy) and wolud be very greatfull for any coments,MAny thanks!
  4. Hello. I also tried to simulate circuit in multisim 11 and couldn't make it work. Could someone have a look at the circuit if its ok? All the components are numbered as in oryginal circuit (latest version) Has any one managed to simulete circuit using any simulation software and got it worked correctly?? If yes could you tell what software you used and could you upload simulation file please. Many thanks!
  5. hi, have any of you used any simulation software to check circuit behavior?, could you ,please upload files from simulation here ,many thanks
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