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  1. hi.. i'm a newbie in this site... hope u all welcome me here... :) hmmm... i'm currently taking my thesis subjct now.. and finally after a long long process nkpgpaapprove din kmi ng topic... here's our topic title "power generating piezoelectric mat for automated led lighting system"... this is a device that will convert every foot step of students into electricity and use it to power led lights... to mke it simple.. mgla2gy kmi ng piezoelectrc mat s my turnstile s skul tpos as students pass maapakan nila ung device which will generate elctricity... i've read theses about piezoelectic material(materials when subject to stress/vibrations will output voltage) and its feasibility for charging a battery... it helped me a lot.. but still im not yet decided what charging circuit will i use... can somebody give me an advice on this?... malapit n kc defense nmin for this topic bka hanapan kmi ng circuit..kya naicp q n mghnp n agad habang maaga p... tnx... :)
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