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  1. but im sure it will be fine for a pc speaker setup
  2. it on the side of the of the transformer it was on the pic of the transformer these speaker where part of a 5.1 system not cheap radio
  3. that dont seem that good to me 4.3w, need to make that higher
  4. well the speakers must of been in the range of the amps that were used in the 5.1 setup. i can remember that they where pretty loud for there size. tda2030a was for the woofer and tda2003's were for the 5 satellites speakers and where the speaker wires clipped to the back is has (speakers out 4ohms). the small speakers are 3" with the transformer, if i use a Spilt Power circuit would it half the power if i use just one 15.5v so it would be better to use the single supply
  5. i was looking into the transformer, trying to figure out how I'm going to get a + and - supply and its down to a bridge rectifier, so theres one on the board that came from amp box. its a 2w10m and on the other board theres a bunch of 4004 diodes which i can also use as a bridge rectifier i didn't know that even the secondary windings on the transformer are still ac current and a bridge rectifier is needed to get DC + and - please clarify
  6. hi the only info i found is this Subwoofer output power 35 watt RMS Output Power 5 x 7 watt RMS and all that is on the speakers is 35P1 20021115A and the woofer has 65P83 20021101A Ive emailed the Toroidal Transformer manufacturer and hopefully i will get some info. Ive got a bunch of Lm272 op amps i used on a railsplitter project would they work? is it a 2 way active crossover circuit needed? so would it be better to put the speakers in parallel then "Then simply change the crossover frequency to match your speakers" this is getting a little, no alot over my head i thought this was going to be a simple project but i guess not OK is there any info i could read for beginners to get a clear understanding of all this stuff thanks
  7. ok so there not that great ok so i'll get 2 of the TDA7240a should i use the TDA2030a for the woofer or is there another more efficient. i was thinking that i could use 2 speakers in parallel or series which ever is better on each channel ive been trying to find a active crossover circuit but ive only found ones for tweeter woofer speaker setup. i looked up this TDA2320A datasheet as a crossover chip but im not sure if this is the right type. thanks
  8. so let me get this right. Theres a slight power difference in one Tda2003 to another even though there the same. but with a 8pin dual amp would work better cause there together in one IC.
  9. hi i got a old 5.1 home theatre system and i wanna recycle it into a 2.1 PC speaker set. well i took it apart and found that it has 5x TDA2003 and 1x TDA2030A and couple 7805, 7812 regulators a toroidal transformer and loads of capacitors and resistors loads of other stuff. also one 6" woofer and 5 small speakers. so i was looking up the schematics on the amplifiers and found that they could easily be used for a 2.1 speaker setup so i was thinking that i could use 4 Tda2003's, 2 bridged for left and 2 bridged for right and the Tda2030a for the woofer. i just need help connecting it up with the power and how to have the woofer for the bass. thanks
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