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  1. i'm experimenting with the simulation software to match the actual LM317 and the part in orcad, so that i can just simulate in the future if i need some output voltage. Unfortunately, i don't know yet how to use the program. :)
  2. i tried reducing R1 to 120 ohms, still the problem exists. i found out now that the green circle signifies a lack of pspice template for the LM317, and maybe the program thought of it as an open circuit. thanks for the reply. still, if anyone can help me or anyone can post a link to a tutorial using orcad, that would be much appreciated.
  3. oh, sorry about that, i'm using orcad capture 9.2. i'm trying to simulate a typical application based on the circuit described in a national semiconductor datasheet for the Lm317 here's the link http://www.futurlec.com/Linear/LM317HVT.shtml i'm new to using orcad, i thought maybe you need to tweak something on the LM317 parameters which i currently don't have any idea of. thanks for the reply
  4. ok, so i'm trying to simulate this circuit. i'm using transient analysis on this one and then when i clicked run, the green circle above the Lm317 appeared. Is there a problem in this circuit? or this anything first i must do before i can use the LM317 here? the voltage readings indicate that there is a problem and i don't know what it is. Anyone can help me? I'm using Orcad Capture 9.2
  5. Hi there! I'm new here :) I'm trying to build a circuit that can charge a deep cycle battery from a 200w DC power source, input voltage is 12V I have read that charging a lead cycle battery requires three stages. the first stage requires a constant current to be applied to the battery the second stage requires a constant voltage while gradually reducing the current and lastly, the float charge, where it just keeps the battery from self-discharging is this entirely accurate for a deep cycle battery? if so, can anyone point me to the right track? i have basic knowledge about op amps, diodes, transistors, transformers, logic gates, full wave rectification etc.etc. thanks!
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