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  1. I think the phrase we are looking for is "Pin Strip Headers". It took me forever to find that out. Manufacturer: Molex Product Category: Headers & Wire Housings RoHS: RoHS Compliant Details Series: KK Series Product Type: Pin Strip Headers Pitch: 2.54 mm Number of Positions / Contacts: 8 Number of Rows: 1 Mounting Style: Through Hole Mounting Angle: Right Housing Material: Polyamide (PA) Contact Material: Brass Contact Plating: Tin Voltage Rating: 250 V Current Rating: 4 A Packaging: Bag There are probably some other names as well. I'm going to keep looking to see what I find. But I might try these.
  2. Anyone know what kind of connectors the JPx connectors are? Do you have a Mouser.com link? There are two kinds of connectors in this project and I can't find either. I "think" I have chosen the other parts correctly, but I can't find the pin connectors. Mouser is a big site and I don't know how many pin connectors I have looked at, but none look like those in the pictures. Searching for JPx doesn't help. Any help on what to look/search for? Thanks! Motorcycle Universal Gear Indicator http://www.electronics-lab.com/projects/automotive/006/index.html
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