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  1. You need a microcode studio and a burner. Microcode is an application where you can create the program for the microcontroller and and you can create your own burner :D
  2. We have a wireless cam that will be attached to our robotic surveillance. We will use a VB program to make the robotic surveillance move and we are planning to integrate the wc so that when we operate the robot we can also activate it using VB. But I don't know how to do that. I'm planning to use USB Rs232 db9 because we will use the laptop as the main controller. Does anyone here knows how to do that???
  3. awtz >.< no chance.... Anyway, this is the wc that we will use http://www.cctv-centre.co.uk/cctv/pro240.htm :) 'Four times the amount of power' I'll remember that :D Thanks
  4. Actually, I'm kinda confused about that. But, at the back of the box of wc I can see these: Scan Frequency: PAL/CCIR:50HZ NTSC/EIA:60HZ Output Power:50mW/250mW/300mW Frequency Control:0.9G/1.2G Power Consumption:<= 400mW I guess the fq of the tx is the .9G/1.2G??? My groupmate is the one who told me that the wc is only 10m because he tested it. Anyway, I visited the link...and it's good :) We will try to do that ^^
  5. We have a wireless cam and it has a range of 10m; now our panelists told us that we should double it's range. In addition, we are not allowed to purchase a cam with 20m range. So what device should I use to do that (make 10m range to 20m range) ???
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