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  1. Hi all, We are doing both development of FPGAs, uC and PCB hardware boards. While doing this we have had the problem both in lab and in field, that the boards had one ground potential and the PC another - the result range from faulty programming to destroyed programmers and boards. The solution is quite simple as all programmers today are USB. - Use a USB isolator. Some existed, but the price was $100-$1000 and the devices needed external powersupplies. We have made a Full Speed USB 2.0 Isolator with analog device chip Adum 4160 and a good isolated DCDC with more than 80% efficiency. All boxed in a small USB stick - easy for LAB and field programming - just place the USB2ISO device between PC and programmer and the described problems are history. See http://electronics-shop.dk/usb-isolator - Where you can end your troubles for $50 bucks and buy 10pcs and get free shipping. Works great for our projects and alot of other technical projects - The first batch is almost sold and the next 1K is being produced in mid August 2010. Best Regards, Soren Electronics-shop.dk
  2. Hi, You can use a USB2ISO device - that comes complete with BOX, ADUM4160 and isolated 5V power supply. Check it out here: http://electronics-shop.dk/usb-isolator It can be used for any full speed USB device - and also some High speed devices that can run at Full speed. Great for removing ground loops and potential of up to 1KV. And the price is kept low at only around $50 for all 3 parts with a 2 year warranty. Best Regards, Soren electronics-shop.dk
  3. Hi Electronics Lab users, We have made an isolated USB 2.0 FullSpeed module with integrated isolated power transfer. The module can be used for in circuit programmers to protect circuit and PC against ground loops, surges and noise. Protection voltage is 1000V. It is also used to remove ground loops between PC USB soundcards and the stereo amplifier - getting back the crispy sound. Also if you have PC USB measurement devices like scope,logic analyser etc. it can be used to isolate PC ground from circuit ground. Can also be used with Serial, CAN, Ethernet dongles - works with drivers and provides ground separation and >1K volt isolation. Read more at http://electronics-shop.dk/usb-isolator Best Regards Soren electronics-shop.dk
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