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  1. Hi all ! I have no use of a photo frame. I would like to re use its lcd display for electronic projects. It looks as if the lcd has no mounted chip. Anyway, I am looking for any data that would help me to use it. The web site of Hannstar is useless ... so does google ... ??? Could you please help me and provide me with a datasheet ? Here are all the references that I have : description : ~ 7" lcd display (with backlight) photo frame barcode : 6902868 180310 code on the iron frame of the lcd : 0004-JXY-A1 paper barcode stuck on the plastic wire : B13GN8B112296 G1-F00 Hannstar reference on the wire : 7214H00B35-A0 paper barcode stuck on the backside of the screen : HSD084401D0129924 chip on the board : Haier Hi1018 A 0840 Thanks !!! Patrick
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