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  1. Hi im am not trying to repair a gauge i am trying to make a new one. My bike currently has a normall electronic gauge fitted but it is located on my tank. Were as my speedo is infront of my handle bars so i would like to make a bank of say 12leds mounted round my speedo to work as a revcounter. I have seen some done like this on youtube and they look good. My bike is a 1992 yamaha vmax which i have customised with varius one of parts made by my self with the help of the bystronic laser machine i operate at work but dont tell the boss ::). So any helpwould be good. cheers dave
  2. Hi i dont know much about electronics at all :'( but i have an idea of something i want to make. I ride a motorbike and would like to put a rev counter made of led lights round my speedo. My bike is already fitted with a 12v electrical rev counter so some of the wiring is already their i hope. So is their anyone out their who can help me :) :)
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