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  1. I've just downloaded the circuits for the watering watcher..I read the text where it says A square wave is used to avoid oxidisation..my knowledge as an "improver" allows me to think that electrolysis would be the enemy of the probes..can some one explain why a sine wave is US and why oxidation not electrolysis is the nemesis of electrodes [probes]..browsing down the responses on soil conductivity...the main component of vermiculite is mica a fantastic heat and electrical insulator.. thanks guru.....dicky
  2. Yeh!..I like my Weller too..One thing to know though..Some brands of resin core solder are not 60/40..they are 50/50 in make-up [tin/lead]... this leads to more heat required and sometimes ruined PCBs [ watch the cost of tin on the stock market ]...Dicky
  3. If you place a 5K or 2K [depending on the current in the circuit]t-pot in the LED circuit you can alter the threshold of operation of the LED and dimming will occur. I haven't seen the circuit so I may be talking thru my hat......Dicky
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