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  1. What is the deal with not publishing elsewhere? Say I wanted to put it on my personal web site at a later date... How long are we talking? Forever? A couple of months? I would like to submit some projects but ultimately they will all end up on my personal site. I don't mind delaying them and they meet the criteria.
  2. Hi. I am looking for data on a large Futaba VFD module I bought for 100yen. It appears to power up okay but I have not been able to find the pinout of the main connector. The details I have are: Futaba GP1022A04A 264x24 pixels On futaba.co.jp there is data for some similar models all starting with GP1022A but ending in 05A, 07A etc. These are not just minor revisions but completely different controllers. For example the 05A seems to have an RS232 interface with extensive character ROM while the 07A has a simple parallel interface and only a basic ASCII ROM. Apparently Akizukidenshi (akizukidenshi.com) used to sell them but the datasheet is no longer on their site and archive.org does not have a copy any more. The display is supported by some Linux driver but there is no pinout information included. It does make me think that the display might be RS232 though. There are a couple of videos on YouTube with one connected to a PC running a Perl script further supports that theory. Any information at all would be very welcome!
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