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  1. Hi sounds good :) but in laymans terms how do we do it ? ??? Remember the rev counter only goes up to 8 . Thankscforvhelping
  2. Hi I was wondering if you can help I have a rpm counter for my car it's reading to high is there a way of wiring a componet in line from the coil to the counter to reduce the time down to match the counter. On the back off the counter there is a switch to adjust the led display 4 6 8 these donate how many cylinders you have on your car, select the amount of cylinders ie 6 then set the switch to correspond to that. My problem is I have a 12 cylinder and the settings only go to 8 max. If I set it to 4 it reads 5000 rpm (when at idle 1000) when set to 6 it reads 4000 and when set to 8 it reads 30
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