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  1. I have a circuit that has a 3amp 125V slow fuse (3AG). I want to replace this with a circuit breaker, but I'm not sure how to find an equivalent part. Would a "slow-trip" 3A breaker be the same? Thanks Eric
  2. Thanks. So, if I'm using LTSpice, is there a good way to do PCB Layout after simulation? Eric
  3. Thanks Hero. Sounds good. Will in interface with Eagle when I go to do board layout? e
  4. I'm bewildered by all the different versions of SPICE. I run on a Mac, but I have Parallels available. I've also heard that I can use Crossover or WINE. I'm hoping for something easy to use, analog and digital, capture/analyze/waveforms, and low or no cost. And, I need a reasonable parts library. So, what do people recommend? PSpice (student version 9.1)? LTSpice? MI-Sugar? Something else? Thanks Eric
  5. It's mostly analog. I'm having some trouble with it on breadboard, so I'm hoping to simulate as completely and realistically as possible Eric
  6. Anyone know where I can find a PSpice/Spice model for the SN 754410 quad H-bridge? Thanks Eric
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