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  1. actually that was pretty funny ;D
  2. hey the last 2 things are true for me except i couldent and wouldent go to a bar but subsitute the bar for like other stroes i don't care for slder smell and i think that 1024 512 256 128 64 32 16 and 8 are some of my favorite numbers
  3. hello i bought one of these http://www.allelectronics.com/cgi-bin/category.cgi?item=IR-13&type= and the ir reciever it has has a part number DT38 921 on it and i need a datasheet to find out if i can use it for my projest or if i need to replace it it is in a square metal package and has a black dot on the front witch is the ir reciving part it has 3 leads and is used it the myestery ir reciever i want to know if it will pick up only a certan frequency like 38khz witch the partnumber implyes and what it does with what it recieves and of cource the things liek what voltage it works at and etc. please find this for me thanks
  4. interresting thanks i was wondering that too
  5. WoW alun i'm like you in a lot of ways i hate IE i Love fire fox I dislike Micro$oft and LOVE linux and i don't like big companys that try to take over the world. i run a winxp pro partition on my computer with a debian partition. i think debian is one of the best distubitutions and i agree lots of people have a bad time with linux and never use it again it tis a shame. i just worn you about a few things with linux #1 make sure you have good access to some good help #2 if something bad happens don't give up on linux #3 it will be best if your not computer illerate just a few sugjusions because linux isent designed to be windows that has wizzards and stuff to do all the tenical stuff for you because things shouldent go wrong so you shouldent realy have to do things like that #4 don't try to do fancy things that a linux expert recomend you to do do things the way you are comfortable and if they tell you do this thing so you can fix this problem don't do other unnecairy things at that time wait tell the problem is fixed :) oh and to be on topic i have a problem on our family computer with that using IE one site never had a problem with any other is blank tried temp files etc no work very confuse but oh well
  6. try posting in the correct forum plz then somebody might help you try circuits/general requests
  7. that is AWSOME i wish i had one ;D ;D and if it only ran on linux also
  8. o ok thanks audioguru it looks like i will be updating the schematic i gave glass giant with a 555 that pulses the other 555 right and then a peak detector right ok i'll do that soon
  9. ok i have a small heat sink that should work just fine thanks i'll buy or find a good wall transformer thanks for the help
  10. o don't use ceramic caps they won't give you good timing and use somthing like a myler they give goood timing
  11. about your desktop if you build one your self it is cheaper i'm sure with a little tutorial and some help from this forum you could build one (i built mine)
  12. your not a dumb newb your actually quite smart especialy for starting out (besides your passing interrest years ago) but it probably seems like your dumb but i used to think the same about me a while ago but then i started learning much more any way i'm not quite sure what audioguru ment if he was serious or joking mabe he clicked the wrong smiley? o and what i did t test a pc based progect was tested it on an old computer then after it didn't blow out my old computer i had the guts to try it on my good computer mabe try that (ps mabe you need to get a new desktop :) )
  13. hey use a pc based scope there are some in the downloads section
  14. it would work to just have the transformer and just conect a voltage regulator to it like the 7806 to give me 6v that should be suficent but now my other question is i've designed my circuit around 6v it should be ok to run it on 5v shouldent it? the only thing that i can think that mabe would be affected would be a latch that i have but usually 1 volt won't make a difference will it? and my leds but they shouldent be hurt my other question would be would it be bad to buy like a 12v wall transformer so i could use it for other things also or would that put alot of extra strain on the regulator
  15. well i think i will be modulating it because i have tryed many different ways without modulating it and they didn't work so i've come to the conclusion that it will be better to modulate it and it should only draw <100ma when idle but when sombody trips it then i add about 100-200ma more so i guess just buy a 300 or or well i guess they only have a 700ma hmm so that would be like 400ma unneeded power hmm i'll think about this some more i have to leave so i can't think right now
  16. well i was thinking not take it apart but feed the un regulated supply into a circuit that would regulate it but i havent bought it yet because i don't know how much power i will be needing but i know i will neeed 6 v and dc i was thinking one of thesehttp://www.allelectronics.com/matrix/DC_Wall_Transformers.htmli was think 800ma or 1A
  17. i don't think you posted wrong but nobody here must do that for a job or else they would have posted
  18. hello for my security system project that i'm working on i need to use a wall transformer. because the ir leds that i will be uusing to trigger it will need to be on most the time or my system would be useless. so it would probably draw anout 100ma so batterys would be unreasonable. but the wall transformer i want to use is unregulated so how can i regulate it? it could work out with un regulated that the ir leds are running and voltage is right and then it gets triped sudenly there is like 600ma more curent flowing and the voltage drops to low for my warning lights and stuff to work as planed. even if it isent fully regulated it would be nice to have some kind of regulation. but then again i was planing to use batterys until i realised how much i'd have to change /charge the batterys wait or would it be eayser to build a charge to charge some nicad batteres all the time? thanks for ideas :)
  19. ww i think he about covered it except for what those other specs are for ou usually don't have to worrry about them there stuff like how many nano seconds it takes to turn on and what temp. range they will work at etc. the 2 ones that you need are how much current it takes to turn on and how much current can flow through the transistor and what voltage it will work at i guess that is 3 :)
  20. for the cap size i'm thinking somthing around 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000uf and a very hi voltage cap too what would that be like the size of my house ;D or bigger :) EDIT the cap size would probably be 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000, 000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000
  21. well i'm not sure if your circuit will work but the c2233 should be good it can suply up to 4A but i glanced at the data sheet (i didn't look too long) and it should work with that circuit but you may need another small (can be realy small) transistor to provide enough curent to saturate but it should be ok o and you'll want this in a small tube or somthing or it mught set off just with the lights on
  22. but one more question what is wrong with 60/40 solder that is what i see most even in electrical shops i'd think as long ans it makes a good joint it would be ok for what i use ps sorry i didn't read your post closly for pcb work it is generly ok as long as the parts don't move right? i think i've used 60/40 solder my whole life i'm not sure but i've used it alot and it seems fine to me
  23. the resistor protects the led anyway because it limits how much curent can travel through it like on a highway if you go over a bridge that can handel only 40mph but the speed limit is 50 and you are going the speed limit then a few feet after the bridge the speed limit changes to 20 you will only be able to travel over the bridge at about 20 because the cars will pile up and have to slow down hope i helped if this confuses you more just ignore my post ;D
  24. well if there are 2 wires the electrons will chose the path of least resisstence usually it is about elqal amounts because the more electrons that go into a wire the more resestence there is hope that helps
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