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  1. hi i have some solder and when i make a joint with it it never goes shiny so i got out a bit of flux and dipped my iron in it still no shiny joint i make a joint with my other solder shiny but i'm running out of that solder (time to order some) but any way i can't get that solder to make a good shiny joint i thought it might not have a flux core so i put the flux on like i said eayrler and nope so whats wrong ? it came with a set with a cheap iron a soltering gun and some solder and a thing of flux i bought a new gun (not temp controlled need to get one of those ) the cheap iron was broken and the handle gets realy hot so that is why i got a new iron but i know it can't be getting to hot for the solder because i thing the irons were the same wattage
  2. ya it would take you more money and LOTS more effort to try to use that get it here reasonable priced too http://www.futurlec.com/cgi-bin/search/search.cgi
  3. just get a LARGE cap and a power supply like that and it would run forever even during a power outage :) untell the led or somthing blows of corse
  4. i see those too but i've alwasy thought that they were warnings but i guess there too small mabe there some kind of small transformer? or are they too small for that also mabe there just for looks ;D
  5. or wait do you shoot at the bottom part any way it helps
  6. thanks it helps me i get it now so you shoot at the top part and it makes the part hit the push button switches and trigger the monostable ok i get it now that helps (it didn't make it worse ;D)
  7. wow those are some awsome arcs and the lightnining in the plexy glass a local acclator center in my town makes those there realy cool
  8. so like the areas in black circles are they the places where you shoot at? and the area in red circle it the the LEDs and stuff?
  9. well i never took a class i just taught my self and you guys taught me too ;D
  10. is it just me or do people who like / love computers ,hardwhere and programing alike tend to like electronics your just like me i love computers and i love electronics too
  11. thanks for the ideas mabe some of bolth like use yours ante for like the buls eye and then some simisoft wood with a piezo tranducer or 2 for the other 2 or 3 rings and the wood like the ind i have just some softish pine the pellets just stick in it thanks for the ideas guys that should work
  12. I want to make a target for my pellet Gun that will light a led to show what area of the targer was hit. I thought i could just use lke a 555 or 558 as monstablemultivibrators but i don't know what kind of switch i could use to tigger it. i would need a some kind of materal that could have the pellet penetrate it but just barely. then that shock could be used to push a push button? I can't use metal because of recoshey and stuff and like partical board or wafer wood or ply wood is to hard. so i can do the electrical part i think mabe this should have been posted in mechanical constructins? oh well it also needs to be a common material ps it dosent have to stop the bullet but it might be nice if it would because it would be safer it wouldent have a posibility of flying off somewhere
  13. wow i couldent read a word of it it was all greek to me ;d
  14. they will probably get pretty small like miciro scopic think about it they could invent a chip some day that si so small that it is imbeded in your finger and you can't see it and you just put your finger to a scanner think abput it like 1 TB in a finger that woukd be cool ;D ;D
  15. well you'll need one that can supply atleast 4.5 amps because that is one of the charge rates so you would burn up a 1.5amp powersupply
  16. i'd say crwate a new email but if you don't want her to have her own email then don't let her use it or use it your self i could hook you up with a gmail over 2gb of space :) but you could probably get your own any way it is invite only but a google for gmail invite would give you more invites then you could use :)
  17. clouds are made of just water vapor and air :)
  18. i think it is a radio shack only thing but you can order it from radioshack.com and your welcome
  19. i think it is somthing to do about when the clouds get enough water vapor to rain they also have built up + (i think ) charge and the earth is -(i think) so all it is is HUGE arcing of the earth and i've heard that if there was wire longenough to run to one of the sphears in the atmosphere you could short out the earth and the weather would FREAK out :) but that is like 40mi in the sky and so much current would try to flow that it would probably burn the wire up before there was too much damage done :)
  20. look in the post i just replyed to about starting electronics i have a long ramble there if you can understand it :)
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