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  1. yep thats how it works not a pinpointed microwave short circuit
  2. ok so it looks like i can use 1/2 watt thanks once again your awsome ;)
  3. oh 1 more quick question can i use 1/2 watt resistors instead of a 1/4 watt they have the exact values i need in 1/2 watt so i can save several bucks witch would be verry nice
  4. thanks a ton i guess i'll go to my grandmas house sometime and pickup a meter on the way because i'm not in a big hurry and i'll garintee that the meter will be cheaper and eayser and i'm on a tight budget thansk for all your help you rock [move]Audioguru is AWSOME :P :P :) ;)[/move]
  5. Hello I'll Ask In case i wasent clear What About the capicitor i found a 1uF one that was 50v and i searched and even on digikey didn't have a 1uF 16V capicitor is there any Subsitute and is there any subsutitue for a meter i don't have a store that sells them with in about a 1hour drive of me thanks
  6. ok looks like i'll have to use a meter but i still have a question about the capicitor just lookmat my first post and this isent important but is there anything that i can use instead of a meter i cant seam to find one at my local radioshack i know where i can get one but i won't be going to that store for a while
  7. i know that but can a use a led instead of a meter and what about the transistors thanks
  8. it is this projecthttp://www.electronics-lab.com/projects/misc/013/index.html it so do i not need that much resistence could i just use a 22k and leave out the 10k i could add a anothe 1k to make 23k resistence?
  9. Hello For the lie dector progect on this site i want to buy my parts at the local radio shack (closest stroe to me about the only store i think) and they don't have a 33k resistor could i use a 22k 10k and 1k in series? i figured i could and they don't have a 1.5k there would just a 1k work ? and they don't have a 1uF 16V Electrolytic Capacitor well they have a i uf but it is 50v would that work it is the closest thing to what it calls for that they have and for the trasnistor would about any transistor do such as une of these last 4 transistors not the first on the page http://www.radioshack.com/category.asp?catalog%5Fname=CTLG&category%5Fname=CTLG%5F011%5F002%5F017%5F000&Page=3 and instead of the meter could you use like a led instead ? thanks for help in advance ps sorry for my bad spelling gramar etc.
  10. thank you i'll get a new tip ( I accidently broke a small chunck off )
  11. I have greatly increased my knowlage here to
  12. Codyhtml


    i to am a huge newbi and i would kind of like to know the same thing i just want the most common parts and i did get that kit from radio shack it is helpful to start out
  13. i've replaced the battery but it still dosent work verry good i'll try again thanks
  14. i have a problem kind of likr this woth my cold heat soddering gun i get it to heat but the sodder won't melt even if the tip is directly on the sodder anybody know much about cold heat
  15. Just wanted to know the best place for parts i live it USA ps i forgot to add other to poll just pick somthing
  16. if it is a dell then it probaly more hassel then it is worth don't use it but also be careful wth them they ground throgh there case so if you touch it when something it making it ground then it can give you a nasty shock (it has happened to me :P) also if it had 3 wires it was probably a motherboard plug but the comp psu would still give good voltage and plenty of current and you could run 5v things too if you wanted to
  17. hey if if you have an old computer power supply it might save you a lot of hassel if it is an atx look on the internet to figure out how to start it if it is really old then you might not have to any way you could just plug them in but if you have already cut of the adaper or it is a mother board conecter then you still have a great trans former lots of out put and a 5v and a 12v output :)
  18. Is There Any Place That Gives Samples For Switches and what place would give samples of like a 555 timer
  19. I use Windows but whan i Get My Sceond Comp I'm Putting Linux on it linux rox
  20. is there any place that gives samples of motors LEDs relays etc plz let me know
  21. ??? Dose Any Body Know What Kind Of Resistors To Use On a LED I Got Some LEDs From Old Circut Bouds and I've Heard That Too Much Power Can Dammage A Led And You Need A Resistor But I don't know what resistor to use ??? :-\ ::) Ps Can You Guys Tell Me What Colors Are On The Resistors[move] ??? ??? ???[/move]
  22. Hi I Need Help Fast I Have a old computer power suply and i want to get a 24 V Corrent from it But i can't affored a transformer ??? :'(
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