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  1. Hello to everyone! I'm new here and I have a rather elementary question. I live in Europe but just bought a rackmount synthesizer from the states...the Roland D-550. So, I need to convert it to european voltage and have some questions: I've read the service manual and the power supply is universal and has slots for 100V, 117V, 220V and 240V...My country is on 230V, which one should I choose? 220V or 240V? Moreover, the power supply uses 2 fuses: 1. The main fuse (F1) is a 315mA 250V and should be changed to a 160mA T 250V fuse..I do have a spare 400mA T 250V fuse but I suppose I should not use it? 2. The second fuse (F2) is a 1.25A N1 250V and should be changed to a 1.25A T 250V...do I really need to change this one too or to change the main fuse is enough? Thanks a lot for any help!
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