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  1. Guys,, can you help me with this please?? i need to know the value of Rseries, Rshunt and other parameter. or you can give me anything so i can simulate those 2 solar cell.. thanks..
  2. can anyone help me how to simulate LTC3401 and or LT1307 using multisim? i search in multisim component library but i cant found LTC3401 or LT1307 and other DC-DC buck regulator.. does anyone have a spice model for these components? so i can create them in component wizard, or maybe you already hhave these components for multisim. Help please i have LTspice IV from linear technology and it can simulate those components but it will be very difficult using this software to simulate my circuit.. or maybe any suggestion using other simulation software? I have Orcad 16.2 installed in my computer.. thanks..
  3. hi, i found the solar energy harvester circuit from a journal.. and i still dont understand in the mppt (maximum power point tracker) part and Vsc driven smart enabler.. can anyone help me?? here's the schematic img811.imageshack.us/img811/4188/solarharvester.jpg 1. for mppt part, i dont understand how to connect the pilot cell to comparator. from the schematic, pilot cell is connected to comparator after passing the focv (fractional open circuit) method.. does it require any additional circuit or components like resistor or capacitor?? can anyone help me?? (give me complete schematic if you can please).. 2. for Vsc driven smart enabler, it's said that this circuit will enable the dc-dc comparator when the supercapacitor voltage exceeds the startup value (typically 1 V).. can anyone give the schematic detail for this enabler?? help me please.. thanks..
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