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  1. Hi, Because if I try and measure it I get a reading of 'open circuit'. It looks like it has failed so i can't get any readings from it. Cheers
  2. Hi Could anyone advise on the value this resisitor? It looks like it has failed as it is open circuit when testing it so I can not measure it's resisitance and i do not have any access to the circuit diagram. www.earthspike.com/jv.jpg The colours, which look fadded, seem to be: WHITE : BROWN : BROWN : RED : SILVER or it could be WHITE : ORANGE : ORANGE : RED : SILVER any ideas on what value it is so I can replace it? also does the colour of the resistor body (blue/green) have any significance? Cheers
  3. Hi, I am trying to find a PSU with the following outputs (or as near as practical). It is for an ECHO Audio Fire 12. The PSU in it has failed and I can't find an exact replacment for it. UMEC do have similar, but don't have this exact model. The PSU about an inch high as it goes in the ECHO unit (which is 1U). But I would be happy for any recomendations of a PSU I can purchase that can supply these voltages? The spec states that it supplies the following. +18Vdc @ 0.3A +6.75Vdc @ 2A -18Vdc @ 0.3A Part number: UMEC UP0303S-0551 Many thanks :) PT
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