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  1. Dear koukos.... comment allez vu? Thank you for the heads up... I will use it... See ya in France... ::)
  2. Anyone knows anything about graphic controllers? I'm trying to learn how to program one. Particularly interested in EPSON S1D13xxx controllers...
  3. Can anyone tell me what it is and how can I find a footprint for OrCAD I'm trying to drive an LCD with an 8-bit microcontroller and Epson SED1335 LCD controller. I have found a schematic with this controller, and the outputs are connected with 2 64C256-10 modules. I suppose that these are VRAM modules but I can't find any more information about them, so as to replace them with something similar... Any help will be appreciated... P.S. I have allready used the hantronix: Interfacing a Hantronix 320 x 240 Graphics Module to an 8-bit MCU: http://www.hantronix.com/down/3224app.pdf so don't try it...
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