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  1. looking for a pretty small 1.5ohm slide pot that can take about 5-7w. don't seem to be able to find one anywhere. i went with resistors but they are pretty big and will not fit into my project and cant afford extra room. it can be anything close from 2ohm - 1.2ohm
  2. my question is do i take a single 1ohm for 4.5v and add to that one a 1.5ohm for 4.2v like i said, i'm not someone that knows enough about electronics.. at least to the point to figure out that math formula or what to series with what.
  3. the last part sort of confused me do i need two .5ohms and two 1.5, then connect the two .5 for 4.5 and then connect two 1.5 for 4.2v?
  4. it's a small heating element, very simular to the build of a light bulb. i don't seem to be able to find 0.76ohm or 0.43ohm resistors online via radio shack. when looking for the ohm do you take off the 0. and just get 76ohm? being that i don't know to much about all this, can a diode work for this also? any help on reducing this output, such as what i should buy or where to buy it would be great.
  5. i have a 5.2v device @ 2amp want to put in a switch that will either drop it to 4.2/4.3 range and 4.6v range it will be running a device that has 3.2ohm resistance.
  6. I'm a bit new to electronics what i need is .76ohm and .42ohm resistance added to two different projects on vout. as far as i can see they don't make/have any of those over at radio shack (yes i know they are way over priced) so how can i go about putting two resistors in series to accomplish this? would be nice to run out and pick w/e i need up today.
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