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  1. Before anyone says poor spelling. Or other remark about the speeling. Keep those thoughts to yourself. I am looking for wire having a Y/R insulation. Does anyone know someone selling this type? Instead of just Y or R.
  2. I understand a bit of what you mean. In many ways it is more of a question for those sites. However, it is a jialing scooter. Getting parts for it is NOT easy.. More then one way I am sorry for getting it.
  3. I hope this is a better question then the last one I gave. Can anyone assist in making a 7.5 amp 12v circuit breaker. Doing work on the bike keeps blowing those mini fuses. Which are not cheap.
  4. This is another of my "what kind of question is that?" question. Does anyone know how to make a cdi that has fixed timming for a 49cc 4 cycle scooter. This is to help prevent the bike from going over 30.The only ones I find have the ability to advance the timming. How do I know they are such? Just my feeling. Although I found a spare one. The connector, and unit look strange. There are five pins on it, and the unit is a rectangle shape. Instead of six on the current one. Further I have a hayes manual for scooters. Problem is the bike is not listed. For it is a jialing. Getting help from the company is useless. This may be more of a question for a scooter site.
  5. I have found the name of what I am looking for, if it helps. The items was made some time back, and probably isn't anymore. For I am told it was called a fax detectors. Hoqwever, I would still like to know how hard are they to make?
  6. I am in need of something that is put on the phone line which directs incoming faxes to the machine. So the machine will receive faxes only. My machine does not have the ability to know if only a fax is being sent. Therefore treats incoming calls as fax only. Meaning when a call is received it is automatically treated as a fax. Whether it is or not. phone calls only, fax and phone. Or manual. Which is not wanted. Here is the way I would like it set up. Put the male end in the outlet. Have two female connectors on the other end. With the machine pluged in one female. Which is where the fax tone gets sent. All other tones are sent to the other connector. With the other female connector for normal phone use.
  7. That is by no means what was meant. What is meant is something like what is inside the cdi unit.
  8. Is there anyone who knows how to build a limiter that limits the rpm of a gas motor. The motor is on a scooter that needs the speed to be slower. Are they hard to build?
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