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  1. Hi ECHOCIPHER , The answer is YES. Because of the 74HC14 is a IC of CMOS family that is compatible to 74LS14 - a TTL family. Best regards. ;)
  2. Hi hotwaterwizard! Thanks for your interesting! My IC's FP512C - ALFF8901A. I hope early to get your helps. Best regards.
  3. hi everybody! Can you help me archieve the datasheets of FP512C? I have been found it on google, but not found. Thank you!
  4. And I am: http://users.telenet.be/educypedia It is great! Many resources, and more... A&D-HUT ;) ;) ;) ;) ;)
  5. Thanks audioguru! Your solution is great! I think so. If using the CD4046's phase detector II, we can lock up phase of two signal at 0 degree, and at the same time, the operating frequency of VCO is similar to the resonant frequency of LC circuit. I need lock up at range of frequency of about 100kHz, is it OK? Best regard.
  6. Thank for your reply! I think that it is similar that, but phase of the voltage signal as a reference signal and phase of the current signal is a other input of PLL. In my project, I need to lock of phase between two signals - one is voltage and other is current. Note that: the voltage is total voltage of LC circuit and the current is total current of LC circuit. Thank you again! Best regard. A&D-HUT (AutoLab - Hanoi University of Techonology - Vietnam).
  7. Hi everyone! I need your helps . I have a project of induction heating. And I want to detect or sensing the resonant frequency of a LC circuit. This LC circuit is configurated as a parallel resonant, it includes two branks: one is L and other is C and they is parallel. I have an idea is: using a phase dectector or phase comparator to determine the order of phase/frequency of the current signal and the voltage signal of the circuit. Then I get a error signal of phase to put it to a PI regulator. The regulating voltage of the regulator is used as a input of VCO (Voltage Controlled Oscillator) and regulated the output frequency (fosc). The fosc is used to switchs two MOSFET transistor that is configulated of Half-Bridge form. And the frequency of current and voltage of LC circuit is controlled until achieve the resonant frequency of circuit. I want to know this method is right? And are there the other methods? Help me! Thank you very much!
  8. Hello everybody. I have an application using Timer E355D, but I don't know how it operates. Therefore, I need the datasheet for it. I have looked up on Google.com, but not found! Help me. Thanks a lot. A&D-HUT-VIET NAM
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