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  1. If Q2 with original component(2N2219) is fail. Is it possible, to lower voltage at pin 6(10,5V) because at this moment my power supply deliver max voltage, 35V. I try to change my original circuit with the BD139 and have you got a detail for "two output transistors in parallel (each with a 0.33 ohm emitter resistor)"? Have you got a link or a reference of this transistors? Best regards
  2. Thank you for reply of this subject. I realise the first (original)version of the power supply. If i test the pin 6 of u1 i mesure 10.5v. Have you got a link who explain the detail of the corrected version? Thanks
  3. Hello I am french, and i thry to explain my problem. I realise a 0 30V power supply and this one work correctly. But there is a problem now because it work at 35V and the adjsutement is locked. Have you got an idea for find the breakdown? Have you got a detail for a point of test with the voltage? Beforehand thank you for your reponses
  4. Hi The control voltage on output of U2 is OK but the current control is not ok. Have you got an idea of my problem? Florent
  5. Excuse me, the intensity variation is the current control The problem is under 10V there is no voltage variation. Florent
  6. Hello I'am french and i speak a basic english I have a problem with my 0-30V Stabilized Power Supply. The problem appeared when i use this power supply for charging lipo battery The problem is a voltage variation is between Approximately 10V to 33V and the intensity variation is broken. Have you got ideas of my problem? Florent
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