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  1. Thanks Audioguru, Heh, I didn't actually mean a part list, I meant a checklist of things I need to do, Which is exactly want you gave me. Thanks, Michael
  2. Thanks audioguru and everyone. Audioguru, sorry if this seems lazy but I really want to finish this by saturday, so could you possiblly give me a quick part list? Thanks a lot, Michael
  3. Thanks guys, I don't really need multiple colors though. My case only has blue leds and I want them to flash only to bass pretty much, I also need to be able to switch between Flashing, On, and off, but I believe I have the covered, How much electricity do you think a circuit will draw? Since this is a computer, I really only have 5V/12V to play with. Thanks again, Michael
  4. Hello everyone! I'm going to buy a Acrylic computer case with lots of LEDs soon. Since this computer is for lan parties and such, I want a cool effect like lights that flash to the beat, Anyone know were I should start for a project like that? Thanks, Michael
  5. HI Everyone!!! I'm Finally Back!! No one probably missed me because I wasn't here much anyway but still it's it's good to be back. Anyway have a great idea that i think were are smart enough to acommplish, A homemade pager. and when i say that i don't mean like the one's you buy in the store (well similar) becuase the wouldn't have a "service provider" or atleast not a set one that you pay. you no what i mean. The reason this would be good, well many reasons. I know some bands you cant use but still i think we can do it Anyway it may sound hard but i think for a basic one (i mean like my idea to send messages from a pc modem or such) we could do something like this Audio receiver --> 1200 Baud modem IC ---> LCD Screen Since it is just audio, even a Pc sound card is good and if you use it close range you could use a FM radio IC and transmitter I'm sure we can do this i'll post my findings in a Project when i'm father along NEway hope to hear Michael
  6. Thx for the awnser. well they say Cmoses (or atleast for computers) are like memory they hold HD setting etc. so when i saw these i was wondering more along the lines of if they are the same type. so i decided to ask. when i realized there are different ones for different purposes i figured the ones in radioshack are those types. so what my question really is, What do i do with CMOS to make it work? becuase once i know what it actually does (does it store current for triggering, is it a filter) i know what i can interface it with to give me a result. aanyway thankx for the respone.
  7. Same Idea as above i build small stuff and i rite software oh and i mostly us linux for programming. how can i interface the 2??
  8. HI. i was wondering if anybody knows of any simple curcuits that can be build from stuff just from radoshack canada (idont know if they all have the same stuff)
  9. well i like to build small circuits and the other day i saw cmoses in radioshack and i wondered what i could u nthem for if they would do anything in one of my projects
  10. ok fine it is a nub question. what does a cmos do? really you kow like the ones you can buy in radio shack? how can i use them 2
  11. i was wondering once a current has been converted to dc can u add any voltage item to it? for example if i have a 250v power supply (like the one in my pc) can i attach a 5v led to it? i kinda wanted to know because i was planning on modding my ps with some leds
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