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    hehe, no you explained it well :). I am not an electronic genius, but you definitly are, you just saved my life. Thanks a loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooot!! ;D
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    Why is it neccessary to add those extra capacitors?
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    sorry, here is the circuit.
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    I have a vibration sensing alarm circuit here. I want to build in a switch, which should act like a reset switch. It should stop the buzzer from sounding, the LED from emitting light and decharge the capacitor. I tried many time but couldnt find the right place to place the switch. The fist swtch on the right is the main switch, the push to make switch is the vobration switch. By the way, it has got to be a standard SPST on/off switch. Please help, urgently needed!
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    A block of mass m = 2.30 kg slides down a 30.0
  6. hey, sorry about the late reply. YES, you are right, this disagram is actually really bad. But still, the answers are correct. I realised what mistake I did too. Thanks for your help!
  7. This question is giving me a headache, I just dont get the right answer. Please explain how I could solve this problem!! R = 36 OHMS Find the current in the 36 ohms resistor. Find the p.d. between a and b.
  8. I am going to attach a bike alarm to the bike using a jubilee clips. Is this a good idea? Are the adjustable around the frame? Does anyone have any other alternative suggestions? If the jubille clips are a good idea, are they available in plastic coated form?
  9. hey. good idea but it is neccessary for em to have the holes on the front side of the case (the side that the user faces the alarm usually) due to aesthetics. Is there any other way to stop water rain destroying the electronics without having the holes behind the case?
  10. :-\I have made a case for my bike alarm out of ABS. I have drilled holes to allow sound from the buzzer to come out. Now, the problem is, if it rains, my alarm will get damaged because the water would flow through the holes into the circuit. The ABS is waterproof already, but how can I prevent the water going into the circuit without blocking the sound from the buzzer? ??? ???
  11. Hey. Thanx people for your help. Now I undertand eveything! ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D
  12. This is a simple potential divider...The battery supply is 12V...The voltage accross the 200 ohm resistor is 8V...and the voltage across the 100 ohm resistor is 4V...shouldnt the resistor with the greater resistance have the lower Voltage...i dont undertand this?...please help
  13. basically a vibration switch is like a tilt switch, it has two pins and a mercury ball. The ball sits on top of one pin, when the switch is tilted (by a very small angle), the ball makes contact with both pins, completing the circuit. I asked my teacher and said that a vibration switch does act like a push to make switch. Thanks alot for your help, your circuit helped me progess with my project. Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) :) :) :) ;D ;D ;D ;D!
  14. And how does a Vibration switch work. Say it is a normally open vibration switch, does it return to its normal position simultaneously?
  15. oh ok....in your opinion, do u think that a vibration sensor would be more suitable for a bike alarm and this circuit than a tilt switch? If you dont mind, could you also explain how a vibration sensor works?
  16. hey,,,,thank you very much for da circuit...but there still is a problem...when I trigger the tilt switch, the alarm does reset itself after a while, but then it starts again for some reason? How do I solve this problem?by the way, in my circuit simulation, I am using the tilt switch as a normal on/off switch.
  17. Hey..sorry the circuit above is messed up...da correct circuit is attached to this message...i cant replace the push-to-make switch with a tilt switch (which basically acts like a normal switch on/off) because when the tilt switch makes contact and complets the circuit, it needs to break contact as soon as possible, so the automatic reset can happen. If the switch does not break contact, the automatc reset will not happen. My teacher said that I have to use another 555 Timer to send a pusle to the switch to turn it off. How can i do that????.
  18. hey everone....i have a circuit here....i need to know how to replace the push-to-make-switch with a tilt switch, so I could use this circuit as a bike alarm??....please help...i really need HELP!!!!!!!! Please download the picture of the circuit attached to this message, look at the circuit and please reply me at [email protected] if you know how to solve my probelm. Thx.
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