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  1. I have this circuit schematic, however I would like to convert it into a format that I can use to etch directly on the copper board and solder the parts to it, without using jumpers. Can someone help me out?? I'm a newbie so please excuse my ignorance of terminolgy. Thanks Duhaas88
  2. Ante, Was this in response to my questions?? Can you be more specific?? Is this a costly solution? Hard to implement? LIke I said before I"m a newbie:) Duhaas88
  3. I have been reading these posts, and I must say there are some very bright individuals in here:) anyways, I would like to use this cIrcuit to measure the voltage of a power supply output, however it is 0-25.2 VAC not DC, is there a mod I can implement that will allow this?? I will use a separate power supply for the + and - 5v. I saw in the spec sheet in figure 21 that a AC to DC convertor with the ICL7106 can be used?? Can i simply implement that circuit?? I'm a newbie at this stuff, so please forgive my ignorance!!!
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