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  1. sorry for this delay; yes,there is only one channel displaying(with images distorted a little and also there is sound for this channel) because of campus field is far from city and maybe mountains prevent signaling; But there is no other channels image and sound; and now I don't have exact knowladge demand. so audioguru; :)
  2. I have a got pocket TV but there is no display because it's antenne is so inefficient; now I want to design a sub circuit to enhance the antenna(may be amplify);but also use TV's power does anyone have got an idea; any web that is about that subject ???
  3. I want to make a game with leds; there must be 8x8 led and I want to flash only one led at a time and this process must go on forward not turn back; this is the problem how will I flash one led randomly in eight led without using microcontroller or microprocessor only using simple logic integrated circuits like counters,registers etc. note:please replay only randomizing problem because the rest of the game is very simple.
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