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  1. thank you for your reply sir I have tried a snuber network as moc3041 datasheet advice but it did not solve my problem. do you have a specific idea for snubber for this circuit, or is there any calculation for snubbing depending for the load regards
  2. Hello people; I really need help friends I am tring to drive a single phase (230V AC) motor 4A with BT137(8A), but triac gets hot like 35 celcius degree (even I am using cooler) and after some switching it is getting failed. So that later on I have changed the triac with BTA41(40A) and heatshink, but it is still hot around 30 degree, and in one week BTA41 also gets failing. I am tring to drve the triac with Moc3041, and I am tring to switching the triac when 5Vdc available on Moc3041. I have tried to use snubber but it is not solving the problem you can reach the view of my circuit on here
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