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  1. Try this software for the relayboard. http://www.kemo-electronic.com/de/module/m125/index.htm (RelaisTimer11). You can with a decoder control up to 255 Relays. Have fun
  2. Does anyone know the chassis number for a Toshiba model 32WD96G? This is a 32" widescreen television. Thanks ::)
  3. Here is the schematic over Veres Audio power amp. Enjoy! Veres_Audio.pdf
  4. I did get the service manual from Sweden.
  5. Try this link: http://fileshare.eshop.bg/downloadsm/5935/Samsung_CX6837.html I think this is the same chassis.
  6. Do you know the chassis number? I have many Sony servicemanual but not KV20FS120. What is the problem with your TV?
  7. Can anyone help me with a schematic diagram over model: Veres Audio HA-300? This is a active sub-woofer amplifier. A resistor has burned up and I can`t see the value. ??? Thanks!
  8. I did not expected to get any answer about my Peavey. You did make my day. Thanks for your replies.
  9. Can anyone help me with a schematic diagram over Peavey power-amp model: PV-8.5C?? Thanks! ???
  10. Can anyone help me with a schematic diagram over Peavey power-amp model: PV-8.5C?? Thanks! ???
  11. All you have to use is a CMOS 4011, 4017 and 3 of SCR. Use the 4011 as an oscillator and the 4017 as the counter. Output of 4017 goes to SCR. If problems let me know and I will draw the schematic for you.
  12. Jippi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I did it. It worked. Well ! here is circuit #2 Halogenlight_2.pdf
  13. Once again I will try to send the schematic about the dimmer circuits. Happy Christmas. Halogenlight_1.pdf
  14. Well here it is. I have send 2 dimmersystem (halogenlight 1 & 2). It maybe lock rather complicated but it's not. If any question I will try to explain the circuit. I have of course the print layout but you have to tell what PCB program you are using and I will transfer it. I also have a bigger project about dimmer but this is rather complicated with memory and Eproms ( up to 64 lamps ). Enjoy! Regards Terje
  15. have read your problem about a dimmer for interior light. I have made a complete design about this. If you are interested, I can mail it to you (as pdf files). The design can take up to 10 lamps and you can dim one at the time. It also includes Interface til IR (Infra red). Best regards. Terje Olsen :)
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