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  1. Error 293 mean: When the Eagle is not original (is crack, warez...) you don't open yours files, and appears this message. Buy the original and your problem solved.
  2. Dear Shahriar To me appears this reason that you say. Simply I have already a regulated power supply 20A, and I wanted to make a half simpler, without transistor, pcb and the rests. I do not know him I will think. In any case you I thank too much. :) My english is...not good :-\ sorry.
  3. If I put 5 x LM338K (5A) parallel (like the circuit), I will have 25A power supply ??.
  4. Hi again :D Ok but where is the wrong into the circuit ? I don't understant the fault :-\
  5. I dont understant ... the circuit work very well ... (with fans). Yes but , I don't know the circuit. Can you help me ?. :o So .... I agree with you, (edit from me), but you don't answer in my questions, and this is the point. :-\ I don't have any problem with power supply ... it work two hours every day (test car amplifiers...13V) the last two years. Well :'( 0-20A??
  6. I have this power supply (0-30VDC 20A) and I would like someone to tell me If I can convert it to 0-20A. And how ??? :-[ please. I test sometimes small pcb, and if they are wrong... it burned (pcb) >:(
  7. Him I consider datum in all good site exists this rule { Are prohibited the publication of software of that it is not free use (warez, crack)}. For this and I answered that him I know.
  8. No problem Alun :D !!. Thnks...very very much!!!!!. I sent the form.
  9. ::) You did not understand what I mean!! I want demo PROTEL 99 SE !!. In homepage www.protel.com It does not give demo, and the internet I do not find it.... I know forum policy ;)
  10. I want to download PROTEL :( but I dont know from where
  11. I want your opinion for the Velleman Kits. I mean if him you have worked... and generally if they deserve they are characterized "quality kit". :)
  12. Finally... with 3 2N3055 how is the max current?? I want put 4 2N3772 can I?? If yes how is the max current??
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