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  1. I used the 33172 op amp so that shouldn't be the problem, however my signal to the 3915 is always high. Even if I take the mic out of the circuit the signal is like 5V or so which if my understanding is correct be at most 0.5V? Pin 6 is also high and the led's are always on. Do you have any idea what may be causing this. Everything in the circuit is correct. Could it be that my mic isn't working? Thanks, Adam
  2. Hi Audioguru, I am new to this site and I am in the middle of building this project but I can not seem to get it working properly. I know I have a serious problem as the the dc voltage of pin 5 of the 3915 is 5.2V and pin 6 is 1.25V. In dot mode the tenth set of led's is on and in bar mode, all ten led's are on. The signal is simply way to high. I have checked the circuit and everything looks the same. I used a 78L05AC 5V regulator. Could this be my problem. Thanks, Adam
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