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  1. hi cm
    well , i don't really have a data sheet but have a circuit diagram contains this IC which is working in an ATX computer power supply and has both the PWM controller and supervisory section merged into this IC .. the problem is i can't find it .. any equivalent or replacement or even one supplier  ???

    i'll upload the circuit i have and hope u can find any replacement or supplier .. please post if u do find any
    best regards


  2. hi hotwaterwizard
    thanks for all the help u try to do for me .. unfortunatly this is not my IC .. mine is DR-B2003 it's a pwm + supervisory .. atx power supply IC .. the problem it's unavailable here so i need a replacement or equivalent for this IC or where from i can get it?
    thanks alot :)
    Best Regards
  3. hi hotwaterwizard
    thanks again for all the help u try to give , but all the the schematics here are based on the 494 chip or equivalents pin to pin which is different from my chip on this power supply .. here's another more information i've got from the board of the power supply and hope it'll help more :

    i got some more information that may help idenfifying this IC
    this atx power supply model is :    LC-B350ATX
    with the following outputs :
    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    +5V [email protected]

    also i found this printed on the components side of the power supply unit :
    Ver: 3.1
    the pinouts of the IC that i could figuer out were :
    Pin 1= Vcc
    Pin2 connected through 3.5K resistor to the green wire for  PS-ON
    pin7= output 1 to the switching transistors
    Pin8 = output 2 to the switching transistors
    Pin9 = PG ( power Good)
    pin 12= GND

    hope this will help more in identifying this PWM controle chip
    thanks in advance
    Best Regards

  4. hi hotwaterwizard
    thanks alot for ur reply trying to help me :)
    i've already had those schematics and more , the problem is that most of the schematic i have found online using the 494 chip or equivalent , but the one i have here do have different IC with strange number and different pin-outs .. i mean not pin to pin equivalent to the 494 chip .. this is my problem .
    if i can get more infor about it , it'd be easy to make any modifications using available parts .
    thanks alot
    Best Regards
  5. hi all
    i have a computer power supply (ATX) that have a faulty PWM IC
    this IC has a strange part number printed on it in two rows :


    i need a data sheet or pin-out for this IC  with 16 pin DIP and if there's any other equivalent of the well known kinds it'd be highly appreciated .
    please help if u do have any info and where can i find it online to buy
    thanks in advance

    Best Regards

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