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  1. Anyone? And for not jailbroken iPhones btw... (know about iBlacklist)
  2. Does anyone know an app that blocks certain incoming calls? Thanks. ???
  3. Have been contemplating on buying a Kindle for about half a year now, but kinda put it off, cause I still have some actual books to finish and wanted to wait till I
  4. We've seen virtual keyboards before, but not many virtual trackpads, if any in the consumer space. EvoMouse is here to change that, bundling their input device in the cutest piece of plastic possible. Essentially, you place the toy dog on the surface of your choosing, and its eyes beam out two infrared beams which track your finger movements. You can click, double-click, right click, drag, drop, pinch and swipe your way around a computer desktop. And if you're in need of a keyboard, EvoMouse will project one of those for you as well. The device can connect via Bluetooth or USB, and works with Windows, Blackberry, Symbian and Windows Mobile platforms. Pricing and availability details are still scarce, however.
  5. I usually use kickasstorrents, but was wondering if there are more specific and comprehensive ROM sites...
  6. Hey guys, what do you guys use to play movies on the iPad? A German friend of mine told me a way to install iMovie without jailbreaking. Thought I
  7. I just downloaded the N64oid app, the first decent N64 emulator for Android. My question is what a good place is to find roms for this?
  8. Engineers built this Dexterous Anthropomorphic Robotic Typing (DART) hand to mimic the real deal as best they could, down to individually-actuating three-segment digits and 110 degrees of wrist rotation in a package the size of a real human arm. Using a total of 19 servo motors and high tensile strength wire for the tendons, they managed to create a single mechanical paw that can achieve an estimated 20 words per minute while typing. Next, they plan to cover it in silicone skin and add piezoelectric sensors to provide tactile feedback. :o
  9. "Thanks for this wonderful post.Admiring the time and effort you put into your blog and detailed information you offer." ;)
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