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  1. I have a samsung syncmaster 551v monitor that has a busted dp804c transistor. any electronic stores in my location have no parts to sell. can anyone out there have the datasheet or any replacement ic that I can use? tahnks
  2. Has anyone out there has an Irda schematic diagram that doesn't use any irda transceiver like tfdu4100 or tfdu4500 and the likes? Transceiver like mentioned above is very very hard to get/buy and the optional irda set are the led types. :'( thanks for your future response. :)
  3. To: GreekPic Thanks for the info, but are the parts in your diagram are the same as the ones in the irda motherboard project? Thanks again.
  4. Have you considered backing up your files, reformat your hard disk and reinstalling all programs with update in your computer? Too much programs in your computer and upgrading your programs can wreck havoc on your system, or you have been infected by some spyware/adware/hijacker programs via the internet. It works for me after some program corrupted my setting of my internet explorer.
  5. I need information, I can't find/out of stock the tfds4500 and tfds6500e on my location and my question are: 1.) Is it possible to use the irda tranceiver of an Nokia 7110 or 6110 as a substitute for the tfds4500 or tfds6500e and how can i connect it? 2.) Is there any new diagram for a irda motherboard interface that uses simple parts? I'm just a newbie in this personal hobby of mine. Hope someone one there can help me and thanks for reading/suggesting me. Good day!
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